Who do I need to tell if I am starting a project?

CNWL wants to encourage and support all staff to undertake quality improvement projects without the ‘red tape’ of having to get lots of ‘sign off’.

So depending on the size or scope of your project, you should initially discuss your ideas with your line manager before you start to develop a project. But if the project encompasses a scope that is bigger than your team, ward or service, you may need to have wider discussions to engage people and get wider support for your project before you start.

Additionally, there is support from your Divisional QI Clinical Lead and you may want to discuss your project idea with them or an Improvement Advisor to help you get started.
Remember to log your project on Life QI

What is an SPC chart?

A Statistical Process Control (SPC) chart is a type of run chart (or line graph) showing performance over time with upper and lower limits to indicate the levels of variation. It can be used throughout the lifecycle of a project to assess performance and progress.

Entering improvement data on Life QI allows you to generate both run charts and SPC charts.

You can read more in the Measures section or learn about SPC charts in IHI Open School Q104

What training is available for QI?

CNWL recommends that staff who are undertaking quality improvement projects register and do the online IHI Open School training modules.

There are five modules that cover how to improve with the Model for Improvement; testing and measuring changes with Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) cycles; interpreting data, charts and measurement tools and leading QI initiatives.

There are also a number of other training courses to support you to start your QI journey.

How do I get support for my QI project?

Once you have started on your project, you may need to get support or help. Details of available support and how to get in touch with key staff are available in Support for your QI project section of this website.

Who are IHI?

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) is a non-profit organisation focused on motivating and building the will for change, partnering with patients and health care professionals to test new models of care, and ensuring the broadest adoption of best practices and effective innovations.

I am already doing an improvement project; how is QI different?

Many staff across the Trust will already be undertaking improvement projects.. The QI Model for Improvement that CNWL has adopted provides a standardised methodology that is based on incremental testing of change ideas, supported by measures for improvement. It encourages you to evidence how the change is an improvement, through the use of data and measures.

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