Camden Rapid Access shortlisted for Nursing Times Award

Published on: Tuesday 17th September 2019

Camden Rapid Access has been shortlisted for a Nursing Times Award for their Discharge Summary Quality Improvement project in the category of 'Nursing in the Community'

Gareth Turner, Therapy Lead at Rapid Access Services in Camden, and his team led a quality improvement project to improve discharge summaries.

A discharge summary is a letter given to a patient when they are discharged and it includes a summary of their care and treatment and helps to improve the patient experience and continuity of care.

The team in Camden set a target to complete 75% of summaries within two days. They hope to increase this target to 95%.

Find out how they achieve this by watching our short film. You can find the film just below this article. Please go to this website, if the film below does not load.


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