HMP Woodhill encourage 40% more patients to get blood borne virus tests

Published on: Tuesday 9th April 2019

taff at HMP Woodhill have encouraged 40% more patients each month to get tested for blood borne viruses through a quality improvement project.

Teams at the prison have increased the number of patients accepting a Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV test from twenty per cent per month to sixty per cent. They did this over a period of six months and one person tested positively and is now receiving treatment.

In our short film, Nurse Nikwe Gaze explains how the team made this change, and how they encouraged patients to take up testing.  Michelle Dowling, Quality and Performance Manager, explains their method behind these results. We've put the film here on our website, just below this article. 

Qi Blood Testing 2019 from CNWL NHS Foundation Trust on Vimeo.



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