Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) visits CNWL

Published on: Monday 23rd December 2019

This month the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) visited the Trust to celebrate two years of quality improvement at CNWL and IHI’s partnership with the Trust. This is the third time IHI have visited CNWL to offer support and guidance on our QI journey.

Dr Simon Edwards, Trustwide QI Clinical Lead at CNWL, said “Since CNWL embarked on the Quality Improvement journey the Institute for Healthcare Improvement have been working alongside us as our partners, offering guidance, support and coaching. The visit was an opportunity for IHI to meet staff and find out more about the projects that they have been working on and others they have completed over the last two years.”

IHI met with executives, senior leaders,  QI coaches and visited services that are currently running improvement projects as part of the Trust’s quality priorities for 2019 and 2020. These include a programme to reduce falls in older adults inpatient units and another to reduce violence in mental health inpatient settings. Projects under these programmes form part of the 30 project teams joining the Trust’s Improvement Science in Action Practicum. You can find out more about these projects on this news page 

In November 2019, CNWL celebrated the second anniversary of QI in the Trust, an impressive 1,450 staff members have been trained in QI methodology. 2019 has also been an award winning year for QI in the Trust. The QI team won an award for Excellence in Building QI Capacity Award, find more about it here, and a QI project in Offender Care has won funding towards running their QI project click here to find out more.

Over the next year of our QI programme CNWL will also be focussing on increasing patient and carer involvement in QI. Lucy Palmer, CNWL’s Head of Patient and Carer Involvement, said “We want 80% of projects to have active participants who are patients by October 2020. Patients will have a greater role in not only raising awareness of the changes they feel need to happen, but also having the ability to implement those changes”.

You can read more about the two year anniversary on this page

Visit CNWL’s Quality Improvement website for the latest information on the initiative with resources for staff, service users, carers and anyone else interested in Quality Improvement

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